Hard Lump Found After Reduction?

I am three monthes post breast reduction surgery. I have a large hard lump in my left breast near my nipple. It feels like it is the size of a golf ball and it is very hard. My PS examined me and told me to massage it and it should go away. I have been doing just that every day. It is not going away and I can't imagine that it will go away since it is so large and hard. It also feels very smooth. What should I do now? Should I request a biopsy?

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Lumps after breast reduction are common

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Lumps and bumps after breast reduction procedures are very common.  They usually represent either scarring or fat necrosis, neither of which are dangerous.  As long as the mass is not growing or is not painful, it is safe to observe it.  If at some point in time it bothers you, than an excisional biopsy can be performed.

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