Hard Lump After Brazilian Butt Lift, Is This Normal Or Should I Be Concerned?

Hello, I am one month post op. I have gone down in size dramatically in these four weeks, but is still much bigger than before. In my right butt cheek on the upper right side, somewhat near the injection site, is very hard like a rock! This hard lump is like the size of my fist, maybe a tad smaller. Is this normal or am I experiencing fat necrosis?How can I tell?What symptoms should i look out for? Should I massage the area or leave it alone?I am getting very worried.

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Hard lump after Brazilian Butt Lift

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A hard lump appearing after 1 month following the Brazilian Butt lift can be several things including fat necrosis, scar tissue, hematoma or possible infection. You need to have it examined by your surgeon.

Brazilan Butt Lift

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Have your surgeon examine you ASAP.

The hard lump could be many things, infection, fat necrosis, hematoma.

See your surgeon

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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