Hard Hit on Nose Bridge Post Six Weeks?

I hit the left side of my nose bridge pretty hard with an ipad. There isn't any bruising, bleeding, asymmetry, and I've booked an apointment with my surgeon next week. In the meantime I am curious to know what type of force can cause damage to a nose that didn't get an osteotomy, just cartilage wrapped in fascia (open rhinoplasty). What constitutes as a mild/significant/excessive blow for such a nose six weeks after surgery. Examples and opinions are greatly appreciated. Thankyou.

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Your ok

If you don't see any change in the appearance of the nose and there is no sign of trauma then your ok and most likely you have nothing to worry about.  Best thing to do is see your doctor.

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Injured nose

By 6 weeks the nose should be quite stable and resistant to minor trauma.  it is unlikely that you caused much damage if there was no nosebleed.  Still a good idea to see your surgeon

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Trauma to Nose after Cartilage Graft Rhinoplasty at 6 Weeks

    You can probably tell by looking at the nose if any damage was done.  Going to see the plastic surgeon for an exam is the best idea, and you are doing that.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Post Rhinoplasty

Hi Brianna. No one can say exactly how much force on your nose post operatively is bad. Suffice it to say during the first 6 weeks no force is best. From what you described I am sure you did not cause any problem, but still check with your surgeon. While the nasal bones are the most frequently fractured bone in the face, one that is operated on (particularly one that has had osteotomies) is going to be  more susceptible to injury if hit early on than a nose that is unoperated.

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Hit in nose after rhinoplasty

Dear BriannaMcklemore,

  • A hit to the nose is either significant (causes a change in the look) or insignificant
  • You would know by other signs such as bleeding and bruising
  • If you had osteotomies, it would require less force to dislodge that work, but it sounds like you are doing the right things

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

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