Breast Revision 2 Weeks Ago Because of Hard Capsule, Still Hard?

I Had a Hard Capsule in my Left Silicon Implant, Just Had Them Redone 2 Weeks Ago, my Left One is Still Very Hard, Was the Scar? Breast

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Possible post op complication after capsulectomy surgery

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It is too early to tell if you have a recurrent capsular contracture.  Two weeks would be extremely early .  It is possible that your firmness is related to a hematoma.  If there has been a change see your plastic surgeon.  

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Causes of hard breast following revision surgery

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Thank you for your question. it is still too early to judge the outcome of your revision. But, in general, following breast revision for capsular contractors, the breasts feel very soft and patients usually feel much better. There may be other causes of early hardening of the breast such a blood clot in the left breast.You may want to communicate your concerns with your plastic surgeon and get has advice. Good luck

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
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