Hard Bump Next to Incision on Columella

Right next to the incision there is a hard bump. It is tender to the touch. Could this be a dissolvable suture? Aren't they supposed to dissolve? I am almost a month post op nose job. It resembles a pimple. However, I can not see any suture underneath the skin.

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Bump Next to Columellar Incision

As other posters have said, the bump may be secondary to an ingrown hair, a stitch placed under the skin which will dissolve, or a skin suture which was only partially removed. All these problems are minor - see your surgeon.

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Bump in incision after nose job.

It is not uncommon to have in ingrown vestibular hair (vibrissae) or suture abscess in the incision. Occasionally this may represent an infected or exposed graft. In any case, you should point this out to your surgeon.

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Lumpy Nose Job Scar

Depending on the exact location of the scar and the surgeon's preference you MAY have had dissolving inside stitches placed, in addition to the outside stitches, or not. The best way is to ask you surgeon. This can be anything from the body trying to "spit out" a stitch, to a retained portion of a removed stitch to a minor infection that will resolve easily once it is unroofed. See your surgeon.

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