6 weeks post op (BA) What is the hard ball behind my areola?

I am now 6 weeks post op and my breast have softened up and dropped quite a bit but i noticed on both breast on the inside behind my nipple there is a hard ball.. no where else on my breast just right behind the areola not to sure if this is scar tissue build up? ive been massaging alot but if i massage the ball it doesnt hurt at all, maybe it is the valve from the saline implant?

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Hard ball behind nipple after enlargement

  • The hard ball may be glands swelling with your menstrual period,
  • Or feeling the implant behind the healing incision - if the implant is over the muscle,
  • Or as you say, the valve, but it usually is placed so you cannot feel it.
  • Or firmness of the healing incision, if yours is around the nipple.
  • See your plastic surgeon for an exam to advise you as to what the actual cause is.
  • Best wishes.

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