Hard Areas After Cellulaze? (photo)

I had cellulaze in May. I have these retangle size areas in my top thighs that are hard and uncomfortable. They are about 4x6" and hard. The area is still bruised & slightly tender. My doc said he thought they were edema. But not for sure. Any ideal what they could be and they are not seromas. ???

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Hard areas after Cellulaze

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Cellulaze is an energy-based treatment that generates heat under the skin. The body reacts to this with a firmness called induration which is part of the healing process. Usually there is a uniform firmness under the treated area that gradually resolves over 3 weeks to 2 months.  This is common after laser-assisted liposuction.  The Cellulaze procedure is very safe because of the guidelines for energy use and the safety features of the laser itself. The laser will shut off if the programmed temperature is exceeded.  So it is very likely that in a while, the areas of induration or firmness will start to soften and then go away.  They may be a little tender in the meantime and gentle massage or other modalities as mentioned in the other doctors' replies could be helpful.

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Hard area after Cellulaze

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It is not unusual to have swelling, bruising, tenderness and even some firm areas after Cellulaze.  Continue follow up with your surgeon.  You may consider ultrasound, smoothshapes or some type of lymphatic massage to help with swelling and any fluid accumulation but check with your surgeon first.

Good luck~

Dr. Grant Stevens

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Possible scar tissue

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Thank you for the photo. The hard areas you are experiencing may be scar tissue. Please follow up with your surgeon to make sure you are healing properly. Good luck in your recovery.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
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Hard areas

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The hard and uncomfortable areas are consistent with the cellulaze that you had.  Cellulaze will cause some bruising, tenderness and firmness and this is completely normal.  It is unlikely that they are seromas.  Your issues will get better with some time.

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Recovery after Cellulaze

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Cellulaze has been a great way for patients to get rid of cellulite and to tighten the skin in the legs and buttock.

I generally have my patients wear compression (spanx or yoga pants) for 2 weeks and then an additional 2 weeks at night only. At 4 weeks, I advise therapeutic massage. I have a wonderful massage therapist in the office who helps with my patients. Some of the more firm areas are pockets of fat that are continuing to be reabsorbed. They should resolve over time. Studies have shown that the skin and fat continues to remodel for up to one year after Cellulaze. Be patient and follow up closely with your plastic surgeon.

Normal healing after Cellulaze procedure

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Thanks for the question michaela.  It appears that you have normal healing after the procedure.  Since you marked off the areas of a rectangle, this is more than likely the grid that was used for determining how to treat your cellulite effectively.  With a seroma you normally feel a slight fluid wave that returns after you push the skin down in the area of concern.  Seromas are usually very distinct areas, and are not typically over the whole area of concern.  I hope this helps and best of luck.  Robert Kratschmer, MD

Firm areas are usually swelling, seromas are more spongy

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One ussaully has to "feel" the diagnosis of seroma. It is a liuid under the skin and is soft and bouncy.  It is quite rare these days to get a seroma with the energy levels we use in Cellulaze.  If is soft, have your docotr feel it. If it is firm, this is usually swelling on the fat. this should be massaged 2x per day until resolved   Thanks, Dr Barry DiBernardo


Please check with your doctor if you have complications following Cellulaze treatment.

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Be sure to check with the doctor who did the procedure regarding any complicatons you may have after Cellulaze treatment.  Firm areas will usually resolve in a few weeks or month.  

Mark Taylor, MD
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Hard Areas After Cellulaze?

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Very hard to see the areas in the posted photos. Could be swelling or even small seromas. Are you receiving lymphatic massages or external ultrasound therapy?? Best to have frequent follow ups. 

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