It's been 8 months after my tummy tuck and still get the pinching.

And now in different area's plus all of a sudden I got love handles, not before, should I go back to my Dr.

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Pinching 8 months after tummy tuck.

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Thank you for your question.  In short, yes, if you are still having unusual pain or pinching 8 months after a tummy tuck, you should certainly give your surgeon a call and have him or her take a quick look at you to determine if there is anything unusual occurring.

If you feel as if you now have love handles, then have your surgeon take a look at that as well.  However, I highly doubt that a tummy tuck created love handles.  In fact, a tummy tuck usually helps to get rid of them, especially if you had liposuction of the waist along with it.  If you did not have liposuction of the waist with your TT, then you may need to consider doing that because a tummy tuck alone can draw attention to your love handles if they aren't treated at the same time.  Best of luck!

Tummy tuck issues

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The love handles you may be seeing may be related to the excision of tissues on the flanks.  Sometimes extension go the incision around the back is necessary to get rid of that. Good luck.


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With it being so long after your surgery it would be a good idea to return to your surgeon.  However, if you now have love handles, it is possible this could be from weight gain??  You would need to compare your before and after pictures, though the tummy tuck surgery does not usually "create" love handles.  

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