Not Happy with my Rhinoplasty 5 Months Post Op. Non-surgical Rhinoplasty an Option? (photo)

Hi. I'm looking to get a revision for my nose after I had a rhinoplasty performed in November. I'm not happy with the results. I think it's too short, the tip is upturned and my nostrils are showing significantly. My surgeon also made my nose curvy, not straight which I had preferred. Having said that, I was wondering if a filler could straighten my nose, make it longer and fill my tip to hide my nostrils a bit. Is this possible with fillers? If so, what kind of fillers should I get? Thank you!

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Nonsurgical Rhinoplasties Work Well For Correcting Defects Created By Surgical Rhinoplasty

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Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty or Nonsurgical Rhinosculpturing, as it is sometimes called, may be used for a variety of nasal defects, including a number of problems that may result from surgical rhinoplasty. Surface irrgularities or curvatures of the dorsum of the nose may be straightened. Columella show, in which the center membrane between the nostrils becomes exposed too much (greater than 4mm) is another undesirable post-surgical problem that may be treated nonsurgically, as can a too downturned tip. 

For straighening the "spine" of the nose, I prefer Radiesse, alone or sometimes combined with Perlane L.. A small amount of Juvederm Ultra Plus XC can be helpful for lengthening the nasal tip.  For treating nostrils, as part of treating columella over-exposure, I prefer Juvederm Ultra XC combined with appropriately placed microdroplets of Botox. For raising the tip, I prefer Perlane L at the base of the columella along with a microdroplet of Botox placed at the very base of the columella. 

It should be obvious from the foregoing that consultation and treatment by a board certified aesthetic physician with extensive experience in nonsurgical nose jobs is essential to achieve gratifying results, especially after having a disappointing surgical experience. As a way of giving you a pretty good idea of how things might look following actual treatment, your physician may suggest injecting a small amount of saline or local anesthetic, both of which are quickly reabsorbed.. 

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty to Correct Nose Imperfections

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The non-surgical rhinoplasty is a great technique whereby we can correct or improve nasal defects or imperfections (related or unrelated to a prior rhinoplasty) with injectable fillers.  It is a fairly simple procedure with minimal pain and minimal downtime other than possible swelling and bruising.  In our practice we use liquid injectable silicone as our filler of choice as it is permanent and precise.  I think you would be a good candidate based on your pictures and concerns, and I suggest you consult with a board-certified physician to discuss this further.



Channing R. Barnett, MD
Boca Raton Dermatologist
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Non surgical rhinoplasty

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A non surgical rhinoplasty is a great options for those patietns that are just not completely satisfied after having underdone a surgical rhinoplasty. Non surgical rhinoplasty allows the surgeon the ability to adjust and perfect the nose. It is straightforward and is accomplished in less than an hour. So yes, you would be a good candidate for this. It is important to use the right filler, based on your skin type and where the filler needs to be placed.


Sandy Sule, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

Yes it is possible to some extent with Restylane

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I see why you are unhappy.  You can get some improvements from Restylane in a non surgical revision rhinoplasty fashion but I would avoid thicker material like Radiesse or Artefill or Silicone.  Ideally a proper revision is needed but a little bit of Restylane to the bridge and around the nostrils and slightly around the tip may help.  This has to be done by an experienced surgeon because complications can occur.  Over injection should be avoided.  You should have your surgeon do computer imaging so that at least this time you will be on the same page as far as the results.  Sounds like you did not do computer imaging last time and that is why the results have been a surprise.  I wish you luck.

Shervin Naderi, MD, FACS
Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon
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