Not Too Happy with my Implant Size

I am 5'5'' and weigh 120 lbs. I had 304 cc silicone unders 4 months ago. I had lost fullness after my pregnancies and losing weight so I was hoping to be at least a full C cup..however, I only seem to be filling out in my old B cup bras. My question is whether at this point this will be as large as I get? Will further setteling of the breast take place and help make them at least seem larger?

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Will implants appear bigger with time?

Immediately after a breast augmentation, the breasts are swollen and the implants appear high.  This usually makes the breasts appear slightly larger than what the final result will be.  With time the swelling diminishes and the breasts settle down into their natural position.    Before considering any revision, you should wait at least three to six months for these changes to occur and allow the swelling and inflammation to resolve.  You can then properly evaluate the results and better plan for the next surgery.

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Implants are too small

From your photo it looks like you could definitely tolerate larger implants.  Volume will not change with time once swelling has resolved.  It should be a very simple matter to exchange these for larger constructs (hopefully you are using silicone gel!).

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Not happy with breast size after surgery

I would ask that you give yourself another 2 months before your final decision regarding the size of your current implants.  It takes time for patients to physically and psycologically adjust to their new size.  The safest thing to do is to wait and allow for complete settling of the implants.

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Breast Implants - Not Too Happy with my Implant Size

Hi A bit disappointed,

Sort of...but not really.

Assuming that you recover as most patients do, the implants will settle over a several month period.  They will drop and come forward a bit.

However, that process is mostly done by 4 months.  While it can take up to 6 months to see the final results, I would expect that you have most of your result by now.  It's ABOUT 150-200 cc's per bra cup size, with the lower end for women who are slender, have narrow chests and shoulders, etc., and the larger end for women who are, correspondingly, larger.  Depending on how much extra skin and tissue you had (nothing personal, of course...) you might have been happier with a larger implant (in the 350-400 cc range).

That being said, you have what appears to be a very nice result and, all things considered, you could reasonably be very content with how everything came out - so congrats on that part!

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

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