Areola Reduction / Breast Implant Revision w/ Lift

It will be 2 years since my breast augmentation in August and I had 450ccs put into each breast under the muscle. Incision through inframmamary fold but wanted it done through aerola to also decrease aerola size. Doc didnt think it was necessary. I wanted a full Ccup & ended up with a large Dcup. i'm 5'7 and weigh 125lbs. No I am pregnant again with my 3rd child & definetly still want my aerolas smaller. Will that procedure lift my breast a little? Nothing drastic just little??

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Breast lift with areolar reduction in Los Angeles

One of the techniques for breast lift surgery or mastopexy involves making an incision around the areola. The periareolar augmentopexy the areola can be reduced and the nipple lifted through the same incision.

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Areolar reduction

Once you are through with having children you can undergo an areolar reduction but you would need to meet with a plastic surgeon so they can examine you and make a proper recommendation. Your tissues do change with pregnancy and you mau benefit from a breast lift procedure.

I hope this helps.

Dr Edwards

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Revisionary Breast Surgery Appropriate?

Thank you for the question.

You bring up several different issues that need to be addressed by a well experienced plastic surgeon in person. This consultation should take place at least 3 months after you have stopped breast-feeding and when you reach a long-term stable weight.

Be careful that you undergo the appropriate/indicated procedure;  for example, if you undergo a “limited” mastopexy when a full mastopexy is indicated you will be disappointed with the end results of surgery.

Good luck with your pregnancy and her eventual breast surgery.

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Areola reduction with breast implant revision/ lift

Areola reduction or the medical terminology, areola mastopexy which means that trying to perform a breast lift only with an incision around the areola. This is a procedure reserved for breasts with volume loss and very minimal, maybe first degree droopiness to their breast. Usually these are the type of patients just replacing the volume loss will make their breasts perkier and also the circumareolar approach is effective to provide a minimal amount of lift and also gives us the ability to size the areola. Depending on the degree of the droopiness of the breast, very few patients will be effectively treated just by a circumareolar lift, but the circumareolar approach usually successfully can reduce a large areola.

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Areolar reduction / breast implant revision

It is likely that your breast appearance will change during and after your current pregnancy.  While you may achieve some amount of breast lift during an areolar reduction, how much change you will see depends upon the size of your areolae, their location on your breasts, the amount of breast skin laxity,  etc.

Your best option would be to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon once your breast appearance has stabilized after your pregnancy, so that your breast appearance can be examined and you can be provided appropriate recommendations.

Good luck.

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