Not Happy with Breast Revision. Lumpy, Smaller and Lower? (photo)

Hello, I am now 2 1/2 weeks post revision. I had 390cc salines and my right deflated, so I went with 510 silicone implants. My right breast is STILL lower, smaller and really lumpy. Also, when I lay on my back my right side moves into my armpit. I go see my PS on Monday, but I'm not sure what I need to ask, i I kinda think I should have had a lift too and that was never mentioned....what do I do? I know it's still early, but am I going to need another revision?

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Thin coverage over breast implants

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You do not have enough thickness of tissue to look good with your implants as they are literally showing through the skin (the bumps and lumps and wrinkles).  If they are not under the muscle they should be put there next time.  The pocket excess needs to be corrected too.  If you are already under the muscle, you might need to consider a tissue matrix like Strattice placed over the implants.

Not happy with breast revision

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A Preoperative  photo would be helpful...looks like you need more soft tissue coverage over your implants, perhaps a site change I.e. under the muscle if your implants are currently over...if your implant moves into your armpit when lying down, the pocket there needs to be closed with a revision also.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

Strattice in Augmentation Revision

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Very thin tissue over implant.  I would agree with Dr. Rand that Strattice would be helpful in this situation. The Strattice would support the implant weight to some degree but most importantly in your case it would increase the coverage over the implant so that it's wrinkles are not visible.


Dr. ES

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