Happily Finished Invisalign, Now Tooth Shifted Up After One Night?

I just finished my Invisalign treatment yesteday and was happy with the result. As a parting gift my dentist fixed my right front tooth which was chipped a little on the side. She made new impressions for the night retainer and told me to wear my last set as night retainers. However, fixing the chipped tooth added length and when I woke up this morning, my front tooth hurts a lot and has visibly shifted upwards about 2 mm!! How can this be saved??

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Tooth Shifting after Invisalign Treatment

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My suggestion would be to contact your dentist and make an appointment to go and see her. Typically, it is unusual for teeth to shift or move 2mm overnight.  They can move, but likely not that much. 

Your dentist will likely be able to guide you through what is going on. 

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