What Could Make Me Happier Regarding my Nose? What Could I Do to It?

I am considering rhinoplasty and here is a closer pic of my nose. What could I have done to make it smaller and actually sexy...

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Refining the nose in rhinoplasty

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Thanks for the question and photo. From this single view, it appears that your nose is a bit wide along the bridge and at the base of your nasal bones. Also, your tip appears slightly boxy. Obviously it would help to see additional photos and examine your nose in person, but I believe that these are the issues which concern you.

Rhinoplasty may be a good option if you are bothered by these aspects of your nose. The nasal bones can be narrowed with careful osteotomies and the tip cartilages can be reshaped to eliminate the squareness of your tip. The key is to create a nose which functions well and is natural-appearing and harmonious with the rest of your facial features. Be sure to consult with a plastic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty and ask to see before/after photos. Computer imaging can be helpful in allowing you to express your aesthetic desires visually to your surgeon and for him/her to explain what could be achieved surgically. 

Best of luck to you,

Dr. Mehta

Satisfaction after Rhinoplasty

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It is impossible to clearly answer your question with one picture and no consultation. My best advice is to find an experienced surgeon who shares your aesthetic tastes and whose results are natural in patients similar to you. You and your surgeon will have many choices; your nose should be changed so it is in proportion to the surrounding facial features. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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A Smaller, Sexier Nose

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Hi Texas Girl,

Your nose is already small.  It can be refined subtlely, but you must choose your rhinoplasty surgeon very carefully to avoid changing your nose too much.  As for making your nose more sexy, try a white Jean Paul Gaultier and/or La Perla lingerie!  See web reference below. Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Am I a good candidate for nose job surgery?

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Dear rhinoplasty patient from Texas,
Cosmetic nasal surgery can alter the shape of the whole nose or just a small part, making it more harmonious with the rest of face. A skilled facial plastic surgeon can make these changes while preserving or enhancing the function of the nose so that breathing is easy and comfortable. You need to make a consultation with a board certified surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty to express your desires regarding your nose. From limited view of your nose, you may benefit from tip refining and narrowing of nasal bones. Good Luck

Happiness after rhinoplasty

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The most important thing for you to remember is that whoever does your surgery should give you a nose that fits your face.  One must take into consideration facial characteristics as well as other factors - height, breathing problems, etc.  I would have to see a full set of photos before I could make any recommendations but why not see one or two plastic surgeons in your area.  There are quite a few who do very good nasal surgery.  Good luck

Happier after rhinoplasty

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Photos can be a bit deceiving with reagrds to the appearance because they can distort if taken too closely. An exam in person is always best along with a discussion of your concerns.

What Could Make Me Happier Regarding my Nose? What Could I Do to It?

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Thanks for posting the frontal view. But as you can understand an in person evaluation is the best way for you to proceed. I can guess I would do a full rhinoplasty with fractures and possible grafts. But in person I could  be exact. See a boarded surgeon in your area. Best of luck from MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski

Rhinoplasty and Patient Satisfaction

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A good plastic surgeon will first ask:  "What don't you like about your nose" - this will help him determine what will make you happier regarding your nose.  You basically sound unhappy with the size of your nose.  It would be helpful to have more than one view of your nose in order to assess it's relative length, size and width compare to the rest of your face...remember a beautiful nose is a matter of proportions, facial angles and the size of the tip, base width, length, projection, etc...    Also a photograph taken a few feet away using a standard digital camera with distort the central face and nose - making them seem larger.  That being said, It appears that the length your nose is fine and you would only need adjustments to the tip size and width and the width of the middle part of your nose.  I would recommend consultation and photo morphing with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for more precise advice.

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