What Happens when the Permenant Suture is Removed After a Benelli Lift? (photo)

So I went back to my PC after sending him pics of my incision that just keeps getting bigger and deeper. After being on 3 antibiotics for 4 weeks he says I'm having a reaction to the permenant suture so he removed the suture from both breast, I must say I'm upset because I paid for a benelli lift and implants. What will happen now that the suture is gone?

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Complications of a Benelli lift

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From the looks of your pictures, I would recommend some local wound care to keep the open areas clean and then to let them heal in.  Depending upon how that heals, you will likely need a scar revision down the line to try and cinch things again like the Benelli Mastopexy is supposed to do.  Most likely you will need a new permanent suture when the wound is clean.  Good luck.

Suture removal after Benelli lift

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Based on your pictures, I think that your first priority would be to get the infection under control.  If your doctor thinks that your problem was due to the suture that was used then he was right to remove it.  He can always go back and do something about it later.  There are risks to any procedure.  We hate to see complications occur but I am sure that your doctor will do his best to get you where you want to be.

Edwin C. Pound, III, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Pursestring Suture Removed after Benelli Lift

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    The wound separation can be managed with wound care until it granulates.  A scar revision can then be performed in the future.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

What Happens when the Permenant Suture is Removed After a Benelli Lift?

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This is called a wound complication that CAN occur. Re read your informed consent you signed. Allow healing by secondary intention and re epithialization over the next few months. Than scar maturation to follow over the next 6 months. At that time you can decide after second opinions evaluations if scar revision is an option to consider. Sorry for the complication. 

Permanent suture after Benelli lift prevents areolar spread

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The difficulty with an around the nipple breast lift is areolar spread and relapse. The addition of the blocking suture (permanent) around the nipple reduces the risk and helps manitain the nipple diameter. Once removed the areola is free to spread. You have quite a complication that will take wound care, patience, and revision.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Removal of Permanent Stitch after Breast Lifting?

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I'm sorry to see/hear about the complication you have experienced after breast surgery. When a permanent suture is removed early after surgery, the areola  and/or wound will spread, depending on how much skin was removed during the breast lift operation. It is likely that with time and dressing changes, the wound will  go on to heal. In the longer term, revisionary breast surgery will likely be necessary/beneficial to improve your situation.

 Best wishes.

Spreading out wound after a Benelli lift

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At this point the suture needed to be removed and the wound will spread out to the size the outer circle was at the time of the surgery.  Then with local wound care and time, the wound will heal and shrink some but not back to where it was when the suture was in place.  After 4-6 months of settling and softening, you might be able to redo the procedure if your doctor feels it is appropriate.

What Happens when the Permenant Suture is Removed After a Benelli

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First of all, I think your surgeon had no choice but the remove the permanent suture. Once this wound developed there was little likelihood of healing in the face of a foreign object in the wound. 

At this stage, local wound care is best until this is all healed. and then after several months when the scar is mature, it will be time to evaluate possible need for scar revision. 

I have taken out a couple of Benelli purse-string sutures on patients who did not like the fact that they could feel the suture. In one nothing happened, in one the areola enlarged about 20%. These were in healed incisions though. It is hard to predict what will happen here, other than what you can already tell from the photo. The current open area will shrink down as the wound contracts and heals. If the areola does wind up wide, the pursestring suture can be replaced at the time of revision.

Continue to follow with your surgeon. Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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