What Happens to the Pocket Crease Area After Explant?

Hi, it looks like the PS made the implant pocket lower than my natural crease to accommodate moderate profile implants. After explant, does that new crease stay or should my breasts go back to having their natural crease? I'm 5 weeks post cc revision and my implants are much larger than I wanted and asked for. I'm not sure what they will look like after explant, but I'm very depressed about the size they are now. I want them out before they can stretch the breast tissue any more.

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What Happens to the Pocket Crease Area After Explant?

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The most reliable way to resolve this at the time of surgery is for your surgeon to  reinforce the breast fold at the original site, using sutures. This can be done if you choose either explantation or smaller implants. 

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