Seriously though, what happens if my nose job goes wrong?

This is obviously not an easy procedure. I am getting sugery to fix some breathing problems saturday. mind you i could live with them, but i don't want a blocked nostril every day for the rest of my life. im having nightmares. what happens if they butcher the shape/worsen the function of my nose? and then i keep needing revisions like michael jackson? i'm scared of ending up as a nasal cripple with even worse breathing and an ugly, operated, rough nose apparearance

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Bad rhinoplasty results advertise themselves whereas good results are anonymous.

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You probably have seen many patients that have had good rhinoplasties but did not know it because the operation was performed properly. Bed results are easy to spot. Make sure you choose a skilled and experienced surgeon and you shouldn't have any fears about getting a good outcome.

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