What Happens if Muscle Fibers Have Torn 17 Days After a BA? What Will Make Blood Dissipate?

Muscles may have been torn from arms painfully forced staight above head and down vigorously 17 days after b.a. by p.s. checking range of motion after my visit to e.r. 2 nights before.Visit bc I had severe neck, back and shoulder pain since i v problem at surgery causing swollen arm.In terrible pain afterwards and couldn't hold anything or open a door etc. 92 days post op still can t lift 10 lbs. If there is old blood present how can I make it dissipate more quickly?Shortness of br while laying.

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Torn muscle fibers and swollen arm after surgery

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I am not sure what the problem or problems are. There may be two different issues. The swollen arm after the IV infiltration should improve with arm elevation. The muscular pain should improve with time and medication. 

New York Plastic Surgeon

Pain post aug

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It sounds as though you had soem IV infiltration into your arm causing you to swell.I think heat and massage and maybe some ultrasound may help.

Robert Brueck, MD
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Injury after breast augmentation

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After breast augmentation patient shoulders gets stiff from not moving. I will also raise my patient's arms and have the patience do spider crawl with their fingers up the wall to help stretch the shoulders. I've never had a patient have a problem doing this and the vast majority of the patients feel much better after stretching the shoulders


Evaluation by a physical therapy and rehab doctor probably be a good idea along with an MRI or CT scan of the chest and pectoral muscles. The rehab doctor would be able to determine if there's an injury that may need surgical intervention or physical therapy would be the best thing for you. But you need to be evaluated by doctors who are experts in injuries like a rehab doctor or a sports medicine doctor.

Wendell Perry, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Muscle Fibers Have Torn 17 Days After a BA?

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I am sure the manipulation was painful, but it seems most unlikely that the pectoral muscle fibers could have been torn by putting the muscle through its normal range of motion.

At three months after surgery it is not too likely that there is residual blood in the pocket or the tissues. If there      is persistent hematoma, it should probably be drained. An ultrasound exam would make or exclude the diagnosis. 

If you were my patient I would recommend evaluation by a physical therapist, followed by treatment. It is most unusual to still have symptoms this long after surgery.

Thanks for your question, and best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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