What Happens if a Man Would Lose the Majority of His Donor Hair at the Back of the Head Through Burn Injury?

What Happens if a Man Would Lose the Majority of His Donor Hair at the Back of the Head Through Burn Injury?

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Burn injury to donor reagon

Assuming you are a male and have body hair, then Dr. Sansui Umar is an expert at body hair transplants which may work wonders for a hair transplant.

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If you lose donor hair, then there no more donor hair.

If you lose donor hair, then there no more donor hair.  Hair transplant surgery is basically moving hair from one location to another.  If you lose the donor hair, then you must find another area for harvesting hair.  

Jae Pak, MD
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Hair Transplant Repair of Burns and Scars

I am a specialist in these types of cases. If you have plentiful body hair, there may be a solution for you with body hair transplant. I specialize in an advanced form of follicular unit extraction (FUE) using uGraft, which makes almost all head and body hair viable donor sources for hair transplant. It may even be possible to repair the burned area. Of course, I would need to see you for an in-person consultation to better assess your hair loss and burn scarring. Not everyone is a candidate for body hair transplant.

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Donor hair loss from the back of head

If typical donor area has been injured there still may be adequate donor hair on the sides.

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Do burns affect hair grafting?

The loss of donor site hairgrafts would be a real disappointment for the successful future possibilities for hair grafting.  We don't have a huge number of transplantable hairs on the head to begin with, and any significant loss such as a scarred scalp from a previous burn would certainly impact future  procedures.  Hopefully enough unscarred areas remain on the scalp.


Good luck.


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Hair Transplant Options

It depends on the amount of area that you need to cover and the amount of donor hair that can still be used.  Find a transplant surgeon that you trust and for a more in-depth consultation.  Good luck!

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Body Hair Transplants to the Scalp

if you've lost most of your scalp donor hair, hair transplants from the body ( i.e. chest, beard, legs, etc..) can be used.

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Burn injury of scalp

I take it that you have a balding problem in the front and a significant burn scar in the back. You may have sufficient donor hair on the sides to get an acceptible but limited transplant result. If the burn scar in the back is not well covered, a tissue expansion assisted scar revision can be done. The scalp is a very good area for the use of tissue expansion to genrate tissue to cover an area after a scar is removed. You should be examined by a surgeon experienced in scalp reconstruction.

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Donor site issues in hair transplantation

If your donor supply is limited, then you may not be a candidate for hair transplantation.  Without an in-person consultation, it is impossible to make recommendations. Please contact your local hair transplantation surgeon so that you can be presented with all of your medical and surgical options. 

Allan J. Parungao, MD
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