What Happens if L'carnitine is Injected into Fatty Deposits?

Does l'carnitine dissolve fatty deposits like lipodissolve? I'm very worried about this! If l'carnitine is injected can it migrate (like 10 cm) and dissolve fat in an area that was not meant to be treated or does it (if at all) only kill fat cells where it is directly injected? I am so concerned about this. I hope it doesn't have an effect at all!! Please help. I need advice from a doctor. Thank you very much! And another question: Does every non-synthetic substance in the body get destroyed?

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Mesotherapy, Lipo-Dissolve, lipodissolve, lipozap, lipotherapy or injection lipolysis is touted by some as a non-surgical replacement for liposuction. The lure of such spot reduction of fat without surgery, recovery time, dieting or exercise is quite appealing to prospective patients.

There are no English language medical journal articles proving the safety or effectiveness of this therapy. No pharmaceutical drug is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for use in mesotherapy for body contouring.

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