What Happens if High Profile Implants Sag

Would a high profile implant retain the roundness, and just move lower on the chest, or what would a saggy high profile breast look like??

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Breast implants don't sag, breast tissue does.

Implants rarely sag.  The capsule the surrounds each and every implant supports the prosthesis around the clock.  On the other hand, breast tissue will sag if it is not supported by a bra.   

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Sagging implants?

Any profile of implant will essentially sag the same so that really isn't the issue. Your breast tissue is what will fall over time. How fast and whether or not this becomes a problem really has to do with your genetics, individual anatomy, and the size of implant you have. Larger implants are heavier and just like larger natural breasts will tend to fall with time because of our friend gravity. Implant profile really has to do with how your plastic surgeon will choose an implant so that it best fits the shape of your breast so don't worry too much about profile choices but instead think about the volume that looks best for you. Hope that helps, Dr K

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Sag happens, especially after babies.

Gravity will pull your breast tissue down over time whether or not you have children (unless you live in the International Space Station or move to that colony on the moon that Newt has been talking about).  Breast implants, regardless of the profile or fill material, prevent sagging.   

Most patients with implants eventually end up with a double bubble where the implant stays put and the breast sags or a rock-in-a -sock where the implant and the breast sag.  Both of these are managed with revisional surgery usually involving a lift. 

No doctor can predict exactly how any given patient will fare over time although we get asked those questions all the time!

Gravity:  It's the law.  It also keeps us plastic surgeons in business.


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In breast augmentation pregnancy is a big game changer.

I find in my practice that there are three categories of how people with implants will have their breasts respond after pregnancy.

In the first group the breasts swell during pregnancy and then shrink up and look about the same afterwards.  Unfortunately, this is the rarest group.

In the second group of patients the breast may swell, and then shrank up, but have a little bit more droop but still look good.  I in fact like a little bit of droop as I think it makes the breat look more natural.  And

In the last group of patients, a breast will swell and shrink up and look so droopy that a patient may require a breast lift and in some cases a bigger implant.

Unfortunately, you just don't know which category you will be in.  Interestingly, while sometimes the implant can settle,  it is much more common that the implant stays in the original position and it is just the  natural breast tissue that changes.

Whether you choose a high, moderate or a low profile implant the pregnancy changes in the breast are pretty much the same. Your plastic surgeon will generally advise you to pick the implant at this point in time that helps to achieve your goals.

Hope this helps.

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Implants NEVER sag, only the "containers" they're inserted into--your breasts!

You are wise to note that with pregnancy and hormone changes, weight gain (and subsequent loss), and breast-feeding (or not), along with the inevitable loss of elasticity and tone in skin as you age, your breast skin will stretch and sag. To some degree, but how much is as individual as each patient's unique breast anatomy and genetics.

Fortunately, your implants do NOT change over time, and the scar capsules around them are usually a kind of internal scaffolding and support that further retards sagging that would have occurred if everything was your own natural tissue.

High profile implants are narrow-base, higher projection implants, so as your breast tissues sag and loosen over time, this type of implant would retain its projection and roundness in a lower, looser position. Sort of like a rock in a sock. The severity of this is dependent on size of implants, your own specific skin elasticity and genetics, as well as the other factors noted above. Every patient will do this differently, to a different degree, and with varying amounts of deformity. These changes, of course, can be surgically addressed just as naturally sagging or droopy large breasts can be!

I hope this helps, because the true answer is that nobody can really tell or predict honestly--every patient will be different. Best wishes!

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Breast Implants and Sagging

I don;t think the profile of the implant is the major determinant of sagging, rather it is multifactorial not the least of which is genetic.

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Sagging breasts?

A high profile implant is a great implant for the right person.  Breast may sag with implants or without and it does not matter which shape the implant is.

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Breast Implant Changes with Time and/or Pregnancy?

Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately,  there is no way of knowing exactly woman's breasts will change over time and/or with pregnancy. Much of the changes that do occur will  depend on factors such as genetics, weight gain/loss, skin elasticity changes,  positioning of the breast implants ( for example submuscular versus sub glandular) etc.

Some of the changes in breasts seen after pregnancy are related to the changes in breast skin and glandular size/shape/positioning;  some of the changes are related to changes in position of breast implants. Much of the changes that will occur are not within the control of the patient or surgeon. However, maintaining a stable weight during pregnancy ( under the guidance of your OB/GYN)  may be helpful.

I would suggest that you do not over analyze the differences between breast implant styles (moderate versus high profile)  an potential changes with time/pregnancy.

I hope this helps.

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What Happens if High Profile Implants Sag?Answr:

No specific type of implant is less prone to droop over the years of kids and weight changes. it can happen with any of the implants...or not at all...There are many factors and it really depends on you and your tissue, and probably how big you decide to go as well....But as far as the implant....there is no difference there!

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Breast implants and/or breast tissue can drop or sag over time.

Yes, all types of implants including high profile implants have the possibility of dropping with your breast tissue over time.  There is no reliable way of predicting what your breasts (and breast implants if you have them) will do over time and as a result of pregnancy/weight changes. See a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area to discuss in detail.

J. Jason Wendel, MD, FACS
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