What is Happening with my Implants? (photo)

had my BA almost 3 months ago 300 cc smooth silicone unders. 3 weeks post op my left breast,your right, felt off & wasn't dropping &gave the appearance of double bubble due to the faint line that formed in the lower pole. Also in that same breast there is a hard ridge, which my PS said was the edge of the implant through the muscle, she also said would go away. Recently in my right breast, your left, i have noticed a small ripple, but I think it's the muscle..see pic 3. What is going on?

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Nothing is happening to the implants

I believe you are very thin and your device has added volume that your tissues can't hide well enough. You can see and feel the device edges. 

What is Happening with my Implants? (photo)

Need a before photo posted to compare the asymmetry you had prior to implantation. Now you can understand the asymmetry is magnified with increasing volume. 

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What is Happening with my Breast Implants?

Thank you for the question and pictures. Accurate diagnosis is best provided after in person consultation. In-person examination and a full communication of your concerns would be necessary for  precise diagnosis and advice.

Based on the pictures and your description, it is likely that you are dealing with issues such as breast implant displacement and significant rippling/papability of the breast implants. These concerns can be improved upon with manipulation of the breast implant pockets ( capsulorraphy)  and possibly the use of a acellular dermal matrix.

 Also, based on your description of change of shape of the breasts with flexion of the pectoralis major muscle, it is likely that you are dealing with “animation deformity”. This problem is more difficult to change surgically.

 At some point, you may wish to see in person consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience helping patients with revisionary breast surgery. You may also find the attached link helpful to you as you learn more.

 Best wishes.

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