What Happened to my Eyelids After Rhinoplasty?

I'm a quarter korean. I'm annoyed because my nasal bridge's too high to fit my face.it also has a bump.(& I'm 17) Besides,I've never had an epicanthic fold, which is rare among people of asian heritage.I feel ashamed,so for the last month I've been "folding" my eyelids to seem asian-like, but one day I woke up & I had multiple eyelids!! can rhinoplasty create a fold on my eyelids? how much could be shaved so that my crease w/fold is not too high? thanks

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Rhinoplasty changed eyelid folds

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If you had a dorsal nasal implant placed was that either to large or was placed to high near the space between the eyebrows, the swelling and increased height of the nasal bridge could cause cahnges to the upper eyelids.  You may consider removing the nasal implant.

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Korean Rhinoplasty - Ethnic Rhinoplasty

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It appears that your implant is much too large for your face. I suggest you remove the implant and replace it with a custom carved nasal implant. If you got the "one size fits all" implant, that is our problem. See me website below where you can see my custom carved implant technique.

Oleh Slupchynskyj, MD, FACS
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