How Does This Happen? Silicone Moderate Pro Implants One Cup Size Less Than Trial in Office?

I had a BA/BL 10 days ago - I know this is early and things will "settle" over time. I'm very disappointed. I went to the office to try on sizes. I was pre-op 34A . I wanted to be a 34C. I tried on sizes with the help of the staff and we found the perfect size - I loved it and showed the surgeon who agreed. To accommodate for going under the muscle, he went up one size from the trial ones, resulting in implants of 270cc. I am a B at BEST. In post op the surgeon said this is final size.

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Sizing for breast augmentation

Sizing is the most difficult part of the preoperative routine in breast augmentation.  It takes a skilled surgeon to identify the proper size that matches the desires of a patient.  I generally talk to my patients at length to determine their goals and expectations, and then I have patients try on the implants to see which size matches what they thought they would like to be.  This usually gives me the best estimate of what size someone will be most happy with. 

It sounds like you tried the sizes on before hand so you generally have seen the same results after the surgery that you were anticipating before.  Talk to you surgeon and find out where you had a mis-communication in your expectations. 

Remember, you can always go bigger in the future, so speak to your surgeon and see what your best course of action may be.

Good luck

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Implant sizing

Sizing is an art, not a science and, if you had a lift as well, depending on the amount of skin resected, it can affect the result. The important thing to focus on is shape and your total appearance, not a number on a bra label. If you began as an A cup, there may have been limitations on how large to go. Typically, I suggest that patients try the sizer under their favorite blouse, not just in a bra, to gain a better perspective. It isn't uncommon for patients to have buyer's remorse and wish that they had gone larger so know that, if after six months you really feel strongly about this, you could have the implants exchanged for larger ones.

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Trial breast implants and the prediction of breast size

It is difficult to find a method that will accurately predict the effect a particular breast implant will have on your breast.  When a standard breast implant is placed on top of the breast and held in place with a bra this will tend to overstate the effect.  Specific trial implants, such as those supplied by Mentor(r), one of the implant manufacturers, are better, but certainly not perfect.  The 3-D imaging systems are amusing toys, but don't do much better.

Some breasts are soft, some relatively firm, some have manifested the effects of pregnancy.  Each of these breasts will behave differently with the same implant.

The effect of the implant on the breast is a dynamic process that goes on for at least 6 months.  For now I would counsel that you be patient and allow the breasts to settle into their ultimate shapes.  You may be delighted, and if not, you and your surgeon will have a much better idea of what further surgery needs to be done.

I hope this information is helpful.

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