What Will Happen if I Completely Avoid the Sun for Three Years and Use Retin-A for Discoloration?

i am 21 years of age,, if i use aha 10% lotion on my body and use retin a on face and hide from sun completly for atleast 3-4 years what will happen to my skin?? is this safe?

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Can I lighten my skin with sun avoidance?

Hi Richmond.  It's likely that even if you take the precautions that you are describing (Retin A and sun avoidance) that any pigmentation you already have will not go away.  

The problem is that Retin A is only part of the solution for pigmentation.  Hydroquinone is the other part.  Without knowing what kind of pigmentation you are trying to get rid it's difficult to make a recommendation, but generally speaking we use either hydroquinone bleaching products or q-switched lasers to get rid of excess pigment.  Without intervention with either of these treatments - and only using sun avoidance and Retin A - you may find that your situation does not improve.

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