What Will Happen After Forgetting to Put the Filter on IPL Hand Pieces?

I am a doctor. My staff forgot to put the filter on IPL hand pieces. I set the energy intensity at 17 Jules using for rejuvenation at cheek. The patient feel pain and mild swelling. I have a Question that what will be happen on her cheek and what is the treatment for her? Thank you for your help in advance.

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What Will Happen After Forgetting to Put the Filter on IPL Hand Pieces

There are many things that can happen when an IPL isn't done correctly. Since I don't know what type of machine you have, it's best to call the manufacturer and ask them what happens when you forget to put a filter on. None of the machines I have have filters that you have to put on. My assumption would be that without a filter, though, the treatment was done a lot higher than planned, and the energy was a great deal higher, and could have resulted in a burn for your patient. You need to follow up with your patient and see how she is doing too.

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