How long does it take for space from Lipoma removal to grow in?

I had a large lipoma about 8cm removed at the end of may. no drain was put in, nor did he say to wear a binder until after f/up visit..which he aspirated fluid...came back in a few wks and more fluid 3 mos later, all of a sudden there is swelling, could this be more fluid?

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Recurrent fluid in lipoma cavity

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After three months, recurrent bulging of the operative cavity most likely is a fluid re-accumulation. I would speak with your surgeon about to to see if it needs to be aspirated again. An ultrasound can be performed to help better characterize what is going on. In some cases, the lipoma can recur, particularly if it was not completely taken out the first time. I do feel that it would be unlikely so early after the operation.

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Dr. Gabbay.

#Liposuction - long does it take for space to collapse?

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It depends on how large the lipoma was, and whether or not it was drained.  The larger it was the longer it takes; inserting a drain can accelerate that process.  I typically use drains for larger lipomas.

In your case, however, there is a concern for fluid reaccumulating within the space that was occupied by the lipoma.  It may need to be aspirated again, or, at the extreme, a drain may need to be reinserted (this is required only rarely).  You'll have to be assessed by your surgeon and then a decision made on the basis of that.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. Alan Engler
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