I'm considering downsizing from 375 HP. Do I have to stay with the same diameter if I switch to moderate profile?

I got 375 hp implants w/breast lift. I feel they are to big and want to downsize to moderate profile. Do I have to stay with the same diameter which is 11.7 or can I go smaller. Also with changing the profile will I go down in cup size?

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It all depends upon your goals. A smaller diameter implant may be beneficial but that will mean likely a much smaller volume implant.

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Downsizing Implants

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Thank you for your question.
In general, you want to choose an implant that fits the breast width, so the diameter of the implant shouldn't change much.  Yes, with a lower profile, your breasts should be smaller, and you may go down in cup size.  I recommend you discuss the specifics with your surgeon, and they may be able to provide more details.

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