I am one month post Vaser on upper/lower abdominal and gynecomastia. Does swelling involve inflammation of the abdominal wall?

I don't have photos to submit since I'm not comfortable with posting photos. My doctor told me that vaser recovery time is expected anywheres between 2-3 months. I was previously overweight but lost 92 pounds(5 ft 11in. 170 pounds currently)before deciding to get vaser after serious problems with scar tissue and physical appearance. My stomach is still the same size pre-vaser op and I'm worried that I have visceral fat below my abdominal. Does vaser cause the abdominal wall to expand?

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Abdomen Wall Swelling After Liposuction

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Vaser recovery time can actually be up to 6-12 months depending on how much fat was removed. The more fat there is to remove, the more times the surgeon has to move the cannula back and forth and the more inflammation and swelling there is. Swelling can persist up to 1 year, all the while improving however. Visceral fat is treated with improvements in nutrition - avoiding red meat, dairy, and fats. Vaser should not cause the abdominal wall to expand. Hang in there, and make sure your weight remains stable so you enjoy the results of your surgery. Best of luck! 

Vaser suitability assessment

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Thank yo for your question. it is great that you lost weight naturally before considering Vaser surgery!
Vaser will no cause expansion of abdominal wall, unless there is a seroma (inflammatory fluid build up). Visceral fat and sub dermal fat ratio should have been checked before surgery when your suitability was assessed.
See your surgeon to find out why your abdomen feels extended.

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