Hanging Columella 1 Year Post-Op- What Are My Options?

I had rhinoplasty done last year. My nostrils are slightly retracted and I would benefit from some grafts. However, when I push up on the columella, I think it makes my columella look better and reduces nostril show from profile view. Do you think I could have the cartilage sutured to my septum? Does it have pros or cons? Also, could it make a significant difference?

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Hanging Columella 1 Year Post-Op- What Are My Options?

Hanging Columellas are easilly treated by makin an incision just in front of the anterior septal angle and trimming to lower section of cartilage.  Once done, the mucoas is trimmed and the columella is sewn up and inward to the septum.  Local anesthetic can be used for this 15-20 minute procedure and does not require a formal Rhinoplasty.

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Hanging columella

A hanging columella is different than retracted alar rims, and they are certianly treated differently.  A formal exam would be essential to determine what would be best for you.

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Hanging Columella 1 Year Post Rhinoplasty

The columella this can be elevated and sutured to the septum; this can be done under local anesthesia if the patient desires. This will improve the nostril show, but consider the placement of rim grafts if the nostril retraction is significant. Carefully evaluate your options with your surgeon.

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