Hanging Columella??? Or Not? (photo)

It is 2 years post rhinoplasty and I am not too happy with my results. I feel that the middle portion is svery droopy . I am wondering if this is a result of a hanging columella and of so should i have a revision to correct it. Is it as noticible as i see it to be? Is this something that happens/is fixed often? Should I just leave well enough alone? Please help :( thank you in advance. Sorry if the pictures aren't that great. I can upload more if needed.

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Hanging Columella??? Or Not?

 Yes, from the photos provided there appears to be Columellar show as well as an under-rotated nasal tip making the nose appear a bit long.  An adjustment at the anterior septum, without a full Rhinoplasty, would be able to both rotate the nasal tip and tuck the columella.

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Based on your photos, you appear to have a droopy tip with excessive nostril show.

I reviewed your concerns and your photos:

You appear to have an exaggerated curvature of your columella and infratip-lobule that is contributing to excessive nostril show. You may also have a bit of nostril retraction after your previous rhinoplasty as well.

If you wish to have this corrected, you may wish to consult several revision rhinoplasty specialists, with your operative report, so you could see what might be best for you.

Hope this helps you.

Dr. Joseph

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