Is my surgeon likely to correct my hanging columella post rhinoplasty free of charge?

I am nearly 2 years post op and am happy with my nose aside from the fact that I have a hanging columella. I would like to know if it is common practice for a plastic surgeon to preform revision surgery free of charge if they performed the original rhinoplasty?

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Free revision

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Revisions are not always "free."  In many cases, there is a facility fee that covers the cost of supplies, anesthesia and nursing.  Sometimes the surgeon will charge a fee. 

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Most surgeons perform touch-up procedures on their own patient's usually free of charge for the professional fee, but  charge only from the operating room and anesthesia. Every office has a different policy,Lowso it is best to check with you original surgeon. For many examples of columellar-plasty, please see the link below to our photo gallery

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Speak to your surgeon

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While there are no rules on whether the operating surgeon will perform revision free of charge, it is common that it will be performed at a reduced fee or charge only the anesthesia and facility fees.  Please speak to your surgeon and good luck.

John Frodel, MD
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