Hanging Columella And Bulbous / Droopy Tip After Rhinoseptoplasty

Think i have hanging columella and supra tip after the open rhinoseptoplasty with osteoctomy i went through 4 months ago.Don't know what happened but it looks like the tip lost its definition of the first month and is now bulbous and fat and it seems like is drooping or maybe it's an illusion. Also it looks like my nose is too prominent compared to the chin. Last but not least i have to use Neo-Sinefrin nasal drops because i can't breathe since the surgery.Included pre-rhino pics.

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Deformity after rhinoplasty

It looks as though the the tip and the nasal dorsum are not well balanced, but at four months it is impossible to really judge the result.  There are a few simple tests to determine why there might be a breathing problem, possibly caused by narrowing of the nostrils or collapse of the middle part of the nose.  The best advice would be to wait at least 6 months and then be re-examined.  Airway collapse/compromise and cosmetic concerns can then be adequately addressed and if problems persist a plan for revision could be made.

Revision might include reduction of tip projection, widening of the internal vault for airway management (possibly with turbinate reduction), so-called "spreader grafts" for help with the airway, and dorsal augmentation to improve facial balance and aesthetics.  The columella does not look too low in these pictures, but it can be easily addressed if there is too much "show" in the lateral view.

Waiting a full 6 months is necessary to be sure all swelling has resolved and scars are mature.

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Rhinoplasty results in bulbous tip.

You need to wait 6-12 months before you see what you have. The columella may come up but your nasal length may be short. You need to see an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon and look at his photos and talk to his patients.

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Hanging Columella And Bulbous / Droopy Tip After Rhinoseptoplasty

Breathing difficulty may be due to over resection of upper lateral cartilages and may be worse on the right side.

There is retracted ala on the left which give the appearance of colummellar show. The bulbousity is due to scar formation. The revision will improve all these problems but only after you have allowed healing to complete in 9-12 months.

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Bulbous Droopy tip


It looks like you may need a little more tip refinement. This can include more tip support with a collumelar strut and a shield graft. I may also perform cephalic strip procedure. I don't really see a hanging columella but the pics are not that great. Overall you may need more projection and rotation.



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Supra tip swelling with hanging columella

If your procedure was done open, you will have columellar swelling from the incision alone. You need to allow more healing time and see your surgeon. In any case, try to stop the nose drops. You are only making worse.

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
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