Hanging Ala 1 Month Post-op Revision to Fix Alar Retraction. Will This Heal Back into Position?

i had revision rhinoplasty about a month back for fixing septal deviation, naasal valve collapse, alar retraction and scooped out nasal bridge. my ala now have come down as part of the swelling and the LLC repositioning. will this heal back into position in time? do ala generally swell and weigh down post-op?

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Ala at one month post revision

At one month after rhinoplasty, there is a lot of swelling and you have to give it time to heal and for the swelling to subside.

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Nasal Ala and Revision Rhinoplasty

The post op swelling and recovery after a revision case will take as long and longer for the final healing to occur.  a month post op is not enough time to have lapsed before you can really make a good judgement on whether something is healing in position.  If there is severe deformity after 3 mos I would then re-discuss with the surgeon but even then that is quite soon post op.....9-12 mos and the results will start to become more "official"

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Alar retraction after revision rhinoplasy

Dear Petra

As with a first rhinoplasty, the healing period for the appearance of the ala is many months to a year.  With the second rhinoplasty, it is common for additional healing time before the outcome of the nostrils and ala are seen.  

  • That being said, your swelling the ala is going away every day and patience is required to see the final outcome.

Best Wishes

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