Can sensation come and go after augmentation?

I had a breast augmentation 2 weeks ago with 560cc inspira implants and have had full sensation on both breasts until today. At one point I randomly went numb in my left breast the feeling has not returned. Is this normal? Will sensation most likely return? That breast has been a little more painful as far as healing goes with increased pain near my sternum on the one side, which feels like muscle strain. Thanks!

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Can sensation come and go after augmentation?

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Thank you for sharing your question and congratulations on your surgery! It is not uncommon to have temporary and episodic alterations in breast sensations after surgery as a result of swelling and tissue stretch affecting your skin nerves.  I would inform your surgeon of this development so that they can follow you as you regain sensation, but allow yourself a full 6 months before assessing your results. 

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