Second Hand Smoke Before TT and BA?

Hello! I am very nervous now because I have my BA and TT scheduled for the 29th only 3 days away and I've just come back from a birthday party where I was exposed to second hand smoke. The party took place outdoors so you think I could have been able to get away from it! I have never smoked a cigarette in my life so I hope this doesn't affect my healing. Can you please give me some insight into whether or not I should be concerned. Thanks a bunch!

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Second hand smoke before surgery

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Not to worry. The amount of second hand smoke you would have to be exposed to in order to create risk would have to be the equivalent of being in a telephone booth for a prolonged period with a smoke machine blowing, which would produce the equivalent of smoking itself. Being at an outdoor party at which someone was smoking should not affect the outcome of your surgery. Best of luck.

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