Could these scars have been prevented? I've been told they shouldn't be that bad. (Photo)

These were done in decemeber 2012 with 450 silicone high profile under the muscle. I started off a 34a. Ive been told that its just my way of healing. I have also been told they shouldn't be that bad. Opinions?

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Unhappy with breast crease scars

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Thank you for your breast implant question.
  • Your scar is now 18 months old,
  • It may continue to fade - so give it 6 more months.
  • There is nothing wrong with the scar -it is how you healed.
  • The redness is from healing blood vessels - lasers can sometimes fade these scars.
  • At times, cutting out the scar and suturing it again will help - but it is also possible that it will go through exactly the same process all over again.
  • So for now, consider laser treatments and give it more time. Best wishes.

Scars are still biologically active.

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The scars are Still inflamed which implies biologic activity. It's possible they will continue to improve with time.


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The scars do look a little high and red which can happen to anyone, speak to your implanting surgeon about a scar revision

Could these scars have been prevented? I've been told they shouldn't be that bad. (Photo)

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They could be better? Yes.  Are they acceptable? Yes.  Everyone heals differently and this is the way your body healed.  Talk to your surgeon about scar therapy such as laser to take away the redness or you can always try a scar revision but understand that you may just heal this way.  ac

Angela Champion, MD
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Red scars 18 months after breast augmentation surgery

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I agree that red raised scars 18 months after breast augmentation are not optimal.  They may be what is called a hypertrophic scars.

In my experience the 1540 non-ablative fractional erbium laser, even at this late date can reduce the redness and help improve the scars.  The other option is a scar revision.  However I agree with you that they're not normal scars and can and should be improved.

Could these scars have been prevented?

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For what you have had done, I don't think things are out of the realm of a normal result. You had a lot of volume in a small space. Talk to your plastic surgeon about your dissatisfaction. A revision may be possible now that the tissues have stretched out some.

Eric Desman, MD
Alexandria Plastic Surgeon

Unsightly breast augmentation scars

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At 18 months I doubt your scar will greatly improve with more time.  I would recommend that you get evaluated by your original surgeon. One reason for unsightly scars is tension. If a scar revision is suggested, I would encourage you to consider using the Embrace system to help off pressure your scars for several weeks post op.  Best Wishes

Craig Harrison, MD, PA
Tyler Plastic Surgeon

Proactive scar management

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Most inframammary scars do well.  It takes time for the scars to mature and for the pink color to fade.  If you show no improvement you could consider a scar revision.  There are many methods for proactive scar management including taping and the use a Scar Recovery Gel from SkinMedica.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Could these scars have been prevented? I've been told they shouldn't be that bad.

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There are acceptable scars. But you can have revision or micro needling to try and improve their appearances... 

Implant scars

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For inframammary scars they are in the right position and are healing well. They will continue to imporove over time. They will never go away. It is the way y ou healed.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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