What Kind of Laser Will Help With Both Issues?

I was planning to do a peel 2 even my skin tone NOT TO ADDRESS AN ISSUE W MY BROKEN CAP majority of u said that peel w make my broken cap worse advising to do a laser instead of a peel, saying that laser w help both inssues : it will improve & even my skin tone and it will help 2 get rid of broken cap permanently, ok if that the case then what kind of laser would that be ? what is the side effects and a down time?

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Laser for pigmentation and vascularity's

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You are correct about a peel helping to even out skin tone. A series of IPL treatments would most likely address both of your concerns. Down time is minimal with this type of treatment, your pigment will come up to the surface of your skin and appear darker at first and then slough off. This whole process takes about a week or so but you will still be able to go about life as normal during this time. You will need to make sure to stay out of the sun while you are healing and continue to wear spf for protection.

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Laser for face?

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When you mention broken cap?  I think you mean spider veins or capillaries. I use a Clearscan laser to treat the vascular small vessls. I also use IPL for rosacea of the face if necessary. If you have fine lines and wrinkles and some skin color irregularities I will add either superficial laser peels with erbium or deeper peels. Good luck. It also depends upon your skin color.  An exam is essential.

Steven Wallach, MD
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