Are veneers an option for me? (photos)

Hi! I'm 31 years old and have a crossbite and underbite. Jaw surgery is not an option for me and regular braces are highly undesirable. Am I a candidate for veneers?

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Can my problem be fixed with veneers.

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Dear Talavera, You have what is called an "Anterior Crossbite" which means that your bottom front teeth rest in front of your upper front teeth.  This could have been easily prevented by biting on a popisicle stick when your teeth came into your mouth.  Now that they have finished forming, your best bet is orthodontics to tilt the top teeth forward and bottom ones backward.  That will give you a great smile and proper function.  We often forget that nature has put our teeth into our mouths for functional purposes, and that function cannot be ignored without creating a whole set of other problems.

Chicago Dentist

Veneers for ant. crossbite

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While orthodontics is the best option, it IS possible to correct (we call it "jump") a crossbite with porcelain veneers or crowns.  Make sure your dentist has experience with this and that he makes temporary veneers that you try out for a few weeks prior to placing the permanent veneers.

Steven M. Goldy DDS

Steven Goldy, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

Veneers No, Invisalign Yes

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It is not possible to place veneers to address your anterior crossbite without creating a situation that will fracture the veneers.  You can, however, undergo Invisalign therapy which could expand (procline) your upper incisors forward and retract your lower incisors in this type of minimal crossbite (Class III relation).

Invisalign would leave your teeth in their natural state without having to place any veneers and would also cost less than veneers.

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Veeners are a bad option, due to the way your bite comes together.... A veneer placed in that area would have signficantly higher stresses, resulting in a higher chance of failure. In order to place  a veneer, a large amount of tooth structure would have to be removed--- Not my first choice.... I would recommend a consultation with an orthodontist, with the price you would pay for several veneers, you can leave your teeth "untouched" by doing some orthodontic movements.

Ace Jovanovski, DMD
Round Rock Prosthodontist

Veneers or Not

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In order to determine whether or not you're a candidate for veneers you need to go to a dentist and have them do a what's called a cosmetic wax up to determine how your teeth can look if they were to have veneers placed on them. Having said that, in my opinion you should look into having at least Invisalign done for your teeth.  This is different than traditional braces in that you don't need brackets placed on your teeth in order to move them. The best dentistry is no dentistry so anytime you can do something to avoid creating dental work, you're much better off. I hope this helps!


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veneers are contra indicated in cross bite. so u don't have that option. in yr kind of cases it is easy to correct cross bite through aligner treatment. 

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