Having a double mastectomy, worried implants could be infected with staph after having it in my portcaths. Is this possible?

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2016. I have had 2 portacaths put in and removed both because of staph infections. Both were in for the same length of time (a week and a half). I've had 2 pic lines put in (after each portacath was removed) but they have not become infected. I'm looking at having a double mastectomy in January 2017 but am worried that the implants will be come infected with staph also. Is it possible the implants can become infected with staph also?

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Infection and implants

This is something that you need to review with your surgeon and an infectious disease doctor. Best of luck.

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Implant infections

Thank you for your question. I would share your same concerns. It is very unusual to see port infection let alone 2 in one patient. 7-10 days out is the usual time for a operative wound infection so that is not to unusual. I would ask your surgeon about their thought on why you got a port infection and ways to minimize that risk in the future. Good luck keep in mind this to will pass and bright days are yours. 

John S Mancoll,MD 

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