Will Monalisa work for me? or have I left it too late?

At the age of 41 I had a full hysterectomy (uterus and ovaries removed). Soon thereafter my marriage broke up and I've been sexually inactive for close to 10 years. Now I have a new partner; but find that I am unable to have sex. I'm totally dry and partner is unable to penetrate. I am 51; and have not used HRT. I have tried lubricants. Even my clitoris doesn't seem to be sensitive.

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Its never too late!

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Having surgical menopause can leave you with profound vaginal atrophy.  Despite not having intercourse for over 10 years, treatment with the MLT will treat the atrophy and allow you to engage in painless and enjoyable intercourse

Did you wait too long

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This is a great question.  I have many menopausal women in my practice who have been suffering with symptoms of vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, and vaginal irritation for many years.  They have tried HRT creams, lubricants and even some forms of cooking oil to help with these symptoms.  Those are short term forms of treatment, if they work.  

After your evaluation with your specialist and it is decided that you would be a great candidate for MLT, this is a great form of treatment for these symptoms.  We have been very successful in our practice in treating these issues.  We always inform patients that after the first treatment you may only see up to 20% improvement, although do not get discouraged.  It takes the full course of treatment and an additional 6 weeks before you will see the effects.  If needed a couple additional treatments may be an option if needed.  

Don't forget, it took a long time for you to get to this point, it may take a little while to get back, but you will receive improvement from MLT.

Good Luck

Glenda Lee, MD
Milwaukee OB-GYN
5.0 out of 5 stars 9 reviews

MonaLisa treatment

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I think it would be a great option for you.  85-90% of people receive a positive result after the MonaLisa Treatment with the symptoms you describe.    

Not too late!

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It is never too late to treat vaginal atrophy.  The published data for Mona Lisa Touch does seem to show that women further from menopause onset may not get relief as quickly, but hey still overall get excellent results.  You may also need to combine the MLT treatment with some external estrogen to help with clitoral sensitivity.

MonaLisa Touch

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From your description of symptoms, MonaLisa Touch is very likely to help.  Seventy to more than 90 % of women have positive results, and all of my patients have had positive results so far.  MonaLisa Touch works to improve collagen and moisture, and I have had several women report that it improves sensation and function with intimacy, even improving orgasm.  You should see a general and cosmetic gynecologist who can manage the symptoms globally and who provides MonaLisa Touch treatment, and management can be tailored to your needs.

Not too late!!

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Hi Needfix, 

I can understand your concerns!  You would be a great candidate for a Thermiva procedure.   This procedure has a smaller probe that can be lubricated (the MonaLisa Touch probe has to be inserted dry).    It will restore your vaginal walls and lubrication.   It can also be directed onto the clitoris to improve the bloodflow and sensitivity there.   

Warmest regards, Dr. P

Christina Pramudji, MD
Houston Urogynecologist

Too late?

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You are the typical type of patient who is most helped by this procedure--especially being so young. You should consider HRT/testosterone pellet therapy as well to round out the treatment. Great question. Good luck.

Resuming sex 10 years after surgical menopause

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You're suffering from classical vaginal atrophy and you can certainly be helped. I would recommend combined estrogen-progesterone replacement in your favorite flavor (I'm an advocate of bioidenticals because they hit the receptors with more precision and little spillover elsewhere) for a few months followed by FemiLift or MonaLisa to boost lubrication further and continued HRT. Meanwhile, I would limit vaginal insertions to fingers because you currently have no skin elasticity down there and forcing the issue will simply cause pain and abrasions.

It's not too late!

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I would encourage you to see a specialist for further evaluation.  There are many causes for pain with intercourse but the most common etiology in postmenopausal women is vulvovaginal atrophy.  Treatment options for atrophy include MonaLisa and/or (provided there are no contraindications) vaginal estrogen.  A complete pelvic exam will help to exclude other causes which may be presents.  As a fellowship trained Urogynecologist, I see women of all ages with intercourse related pain and in the majority of cases treatments are available that will restore function.  If the cause of your pain is isolated to vulvovaginal atrophy MonaLisa is an excellent treatment option with minimal down time and a high success rate.  Good luck.

Patrick Nosti, MD, FACOG, FPMRS
Shawnee Mission Urogynecologist
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