Have I got inverted v? (Photos)

Here are some photos of my nose, I'm 2 months post op and every day I feel as though my nose is getting worse, it has a ditch in the middle of my nose. I have thick skin which I have been told by my surgeon. I tape my nose at night, massage is for 5 mins a day but I see no improvement. The photos with the pink x are the before photos, before I had the rhinoplasty. I don't feel as though it was fat at all it was very narrow but long with a slight hump. Now it's fat and has the ditch.

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It is either an Inverted V or...


Thank you for your photos and question. 

Photographic evaluation is never as good as a personal one, but according to what is shown, it would seem as if you definitely have an inverted V deformity. Either that (which is weird to appear so soon) or your bone was simply not rasped enough, and it gives the impression of a sudden hump that may trick the eye of a surgeon who is actually looking for a possible Inverted V. 

Talk to your surgeon about your concerns, I'm sure he/she will understand your point and follow up on your care.

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Dr. Fernandez Goico

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Inverted V

Yes, it does look like you have an inverted V deformity. You will have to give it a good year or so before considering a revision.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Inverted V deformity

Unfortunately, you do have an inverted V deformity although it is too soon to correct it basically because it is too soon to judge whether there are going to be other flaws as the swelling goes down. Your nose bones being too far apart is contributing to the problem. Your tip is also too wide. Your right nostril is slightly wider than the left side. am sorry to say that you will benefit from arevision surgery but if you wait close to a year it would the best but you do not have wait that long. You should first discuss it with your surgeon to see he/she is agreeable to fix it. Otherwise, you may want to consult a board certified plastic surgeon who has sufficient experience in secondary rhinoplasty. 

Bahman Guyuron, MD
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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