Are my implants too wide for my small frame? Should I consider a revision if I don't see a change in 6 months? (photos)

I had 255cc tear drop dual plane 6 weeks ago and I'm unhappy with the way my implants look so wide on my small frame .I'm 46 kg and 1.62 cm. Due to asymmetry my surgeon was going to insert 255cc in my right and 240cc in my left, but during surgery he inserted 255cc in both and now my left is bigger and wider than my right. I said I didn't want"side boob"but most of my breast volume is now on the side.My question is,could the side boob with time move in?what to do please?Thanks for answering!

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 From your photographs, the base diameter of the left breast preoperatively was wider than the right. Therefore, not surprisingly it looks wider postoperatively when the same size breast implant is placed. Oftentimes, it's hard if not impossible to match every parameter of a breast with a plastic prosthesis. In those cases, in my experience, some fat grafting is a touchup procedure several months later can make them match better. Overall I think your result looks great. With time, as the muscle relaxes, it may appear to you that the implants are moving more towards each other rather than towards the underarm. Good luck.

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You have a very reasonable improvement of your breasts with the 225cc implants. The textured shaped implants tend to stay where placed. You have improvement in your cleavage and a very natural result. Your left breast started off bigger and still is. We sometimes use the same size implant so they feel the same and have a more equal look. Your left breast can be reduced, some tissue removed or a smaller implant placed on that side. If you look in the mirror your left side of your face your cheek bone is probably larger as well. In other words some asymmetry is to be expected. Give yourself a break, be happy with your impressive improvement. Good luck...

Are my implants too wide for my small frame?

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Thank you for the question and pictures. Personally, I think that you have a very nice outcome after breast augmentation surgery. The breast implants appear to be well-positioned with the nipples/areola complexes centered below each breast mound. Give yourself a few more months before evaluating the final outcome of the procedure performed.  If still concerned, discuss your concerns/goals directly with your plastic surgeon in front of a full-length mirror and with the help of goal photographs. Best wishes.


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Your cleavage is dictated by your anatomy in a lot of ways.  It would be difficult to make them closer.   A wider implants might just give you more lateral fullness.


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I would exchange for SRX inspira when you are ready for revision. They are very narrow and extra cohesive gel. 

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Dear Layla,
  Thanks for submitting your before and after pictures.
 From observing your post op pictures, you appear to have wide cleavage and the implants are displaced laterally, mainly on your left side. On you before picture, the left breasts is slightly bigger and wider
  At 6 weeks post op, you are still, very early in the healing process and you can improve your situation significantly, if you will do intensive implants displacement massage for the next 2-3 months.
 If things do not change noticeably  after that period of time, you will benefit from medial capsulotomy  (scar release) in order to create nice cleavage and possibly, you will need also lateral capsulorrhaphy (internal bra ) to correct the "side boobs". For best result, it should be done through sub areola incision.
  Your best option (financially) is to go back to your surgeon, as long as he or she are experienced with redo breasts augmentation. Otherwise, it will be in your best interest to consult with experienced board certified plastic surgeon who do lots of redo breasts augmentation in accredited surgery center for your safety.  Most importantly, check the before and after pictures in the photo gallery, to make sure that they are numerous, consistent and attractive with nice cleavage, perky, symmetrical and natural looking.
                  Best of luck,
                                       Dr Widder

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