Can I change my Invisalign plan after getting my first tray because I don't want to remove my wisdom teeth?

I have very bad overjet on my top teeth, and my dentist wants me to remove the two wisdom teeth at the top to make room and move my teeth back, but because they've never been bothering me before I don't find it necessary to remove them. He's been telling me if I don't have them removed, the treatment won't be successful. However he only told me about the took extraction after I've paid and gotten my first tray. Are there any other ways around removing my wisdom teeth?

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Widsdom teeth out

If your case was designed by your dentist to move your teeth backward into the area occupied by your wisdom teeth,You will have to get the wisdom teeth removed or the case will not turn out as designed.  


Dear singsong,Thank you for posting your concern on RealSelf.  With the information given, it is best to remove the wisdom teeth if your orthodontist/dentist plans on moving your teeth back with Invisalign.  If you are concerned with this decision, I suggest seeking a second opinion from a local Invisalign treating orthodontist.  I hope that this helps and good luck.Best,Dr. Jenn

Jennifer S. Stachel, DMD
New York Orthodontist
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