Is it possible i have bottoming out? (photos)

I have noticed lately one boob is slightly lower and bigger than the other. Some photos make it alot worse than real life too. Im in no pain and both boobs feel the same and are still really soft. I had them done nearly 2 years ago. Is it possible that maybe they're just not even and its not a problem? I have started wearing an under wire bra to prevent it becoming worse. Is it an emergency if it is bottoming out?

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Bottoming out?

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Thank you for your question and pictures. You have great results I do not feel concerned about your results. If you have further concerns follow up with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Breast augmentation

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It is hard to say without seeing preops as well.  I would prefer to see you in person to properly evaluate you. Yes, we all have asymmetries.

Am I bottoming out?

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Based on the submitted photos you appear to have an expected result from breast augmentation. The fold on your left is slightly lower than the right, but I would guess that this was present preoperatively; some people try to alter the fold to make things more symmetric, but many do not. Bottoming out is not an emergency, but warrants a follow-up visit. I would follow up with your surgeon so an exam be performed and your concerns appropriately addressed. Good luck!

Bryan Correa, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Bottoming out?

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It does not appear that you have bottoming out from the photographs.  There is some asymmetry between the two which is not uncommon.  If this is how they have looked since surgery, I see nothing to worry about.  If you feel that they have changed, return for a visit with your plastic surgeon for a full evaluation.

Is it possible i have bottoming out?

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Hard to give a good answer from just these pictures. The right one looks smaller and higher. Was this true pre op? Was the same implant size used. Have they changed over time with the left drifting lower. Many breasts are not symmetrical. As long as they look good individually they don't have to be mirror images of each other. See your surgeon for a better opinion. Good luck.  


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Thank you for your question and pictures.  I do not see too much difference in your breasts from these pictures.  However, if the difference in size that you are appreciating increase, then I would definitely go back an visit your PS.

No evidence of bottoming out after breast augmentation.

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From the photographs I see no evidence of bottoming out. You're still very early and convalescence after the operation.

Bottoming Out

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Thank you for your question. The photos do not indicate bottoming out and is most likely, just normal asymmetry of the breasts. Be sure to contact your surgeon and return for a follow up.

Breast implants - are they bottoming out?

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Thank you for asking about your breast implants.
  • The photos don't show bottoming out.
  • Your breasts have a normal asymmetry, with one at a different level.
  • What about seeing your plastic surgeon to compare to your before photos?
  • This kind of asymmetry is usually normal and present before the surgery -
  • We just notice it more afterwards.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes.

Bottoming out

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the photos do show some asymmetry. usually these differences were present prior to your enlargement procedure.check with your BCPS and look at the preop photos. you have a nice result, and if this does not bother you then you should just leave it alone. sometimes, trying to correct small differences can lead to other problems and differences.bottoming out is not an emergency.

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