How do I find a dentists/specialist that will really care if I ever smile again?

The 2nd time I had braces, the orthodontist did a great job but my teeth did not look good. So, I had veneers put on my front seven teeth but the results were not what I expected. I need one implant from the braces and 2 more are needed from molars I had removed. I have already spent about 18k on my mouth and I cannot smile without shame.

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Finding a Specialist

I understand that you may feel frustrated with the time and money that you've spent without getting to your final goal. At this time I would advise a comprehensive evaluation, not just clinically but also a detailed dental history questionnaire to determine what your current fears and desires are. I find it helpful to ask patients what they love most about their teeth as well as what they would change about them if they were handed a magic wand. Exploring the possibilities as well as the expectations make for a well-rounded first step. 

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Your smile and feelings are important to me.

Starting here at RealSelf is a great way to locate a dentist who can help you.  You will be able to view photographs of cases they have done right here and read responses to questions they have answered.  This will give you a good idea of their talent level and also get an idea of their personality and compassion level in trying to help people.   The dentists on this forum answer questions from patients all over the world knowing they will probably never travel half way around the globe to get the work done in their office.  We are compassionate and caring and just want to help those in need of some help.  Most dentists I went to school with and know in our profession are very comassionate individuals.  Your veneers can be removed and new ones can be fabricated.  I suggest that many pre operative photographs and study models be taken and reviewed with you before starting any work. A diagnostic wax-up would also be very beneficial in your case to see what your case is being designed to look like for your approval before the veneers are removed. I wish you well, and please feel free to submit photographs so I can review your case and give more opinion on solutions to your situation.

Unhappy with smile

Most dentists want you to have a smile you love, but not all dentists have the skill to get you there. Without seeing photographs I can't tell you what would help, but I'm unsure why 7 veneers was chosen as the correct number to solve your esthetic concerns. In my practice, most patient who are unhappy with some part of their smile have 4 veneers or 10-12 veneers on the top teeth, sometimes also on the bottom teeth. All of the esthetic concerns of the patient have to be discussed before treatment begins so the doctor patient are clear on the results expected. When I treat a patient with veneers, the temporaries are the "trial smile" so a patient can see what we can expect the results to be, and we can make changes to the temporaries to solve any concerns. Good luck!


Good afternoon, I will be a pleasure to hear his case and will be very pleased you prune your needs and contribute my knowledge to patients like you improve their lifestyle, implants are of different materials I recommend the laser implant for their excellent results.

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Dear I just want to smile:

 Sorry to hear of your troubles. At this point don't take any chances. Look up a prosthodontist who is the specialist in cosmetic restorative and Implant Dentistry in your area and go in for proper comprehensive treatment.

Best of luck,

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Dental veneers

Hi, thanks for write... Here in Realself you can search great doctor, you can see the reviews and try to contact the office to feel more comfortable. Good luck. 

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