Please I would like your sincere opinion and what should I do? (Photos)

Hello and thank you very much of helping people with your suggestions and advices! I did A rhinoplasty in 2015 as I did have a humb in the bridge of my nose, I was really unhappy with the results,the tip of the nose was dropped and looked horrible,so I decided to do it again and I did on February of this year with the same doc (which I deeply regret ) my nose looks worse then it was,please I would like your opinions,thank you very much

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Rhinoplasty recommendations

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It looks as if your bony nasal dorsum was taken down a bit too much. This in combination with retained height of the cartilage part of your septum is accentuating the fullness in the supratip area. Your columella has some excess show on the profile, and possibly some retraction of your nostril is making this worse than it actually is. There seems to also be a more noticeable irregularity of the infratip lobule on your right compared to the left. 

please remember and bear in mind that any time you undergo revision surgery you have to wait a bit longer for the healing process to complete. Normally it takes up to a year to recover after a rhinoplasty, and residual swelling can be be especially stubborn in the tip area. If you do decide to move forward with a third surgery, give your nose the time it needs to heal! 

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Revision rhinoplasty

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You have a supratip fullness and probably a low upper bridge. The columella is way too low and the tip does not project enough. . The tip is broad and depending what is causing this, it needs to be dealt with. There is also a suggestion of an inverted V deformity.

In sum, this nose need a major correction, this time by an expert.

Do your homework

Dennis Barek, MD (retired)
Great Neck Plastic Surgeon

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