Can Ultrashape not work for some?

I had 3 Ultrashape sessions along with Vela which was done prior to the Ultra. I have not seen any difference. It's one month post last session. The nurse said I lost 2-3" this is absolutely impossible, I wear the same exact size. Does this procedure not work on some people? I actually have a more defined fold a the bottom of my stomach, so frustrating!

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I am sorry for your current frustration.Of course, Ultrashape may be more effective on some individuals than it is for others.The best way to gauge your results is to look at your before and after photos.Typically, Ultrashape and other non-invasive technologies offer a reduction of up to 25% which may not be evident in your clothing fit, but should be in your photographs.I hope this helps.

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Ultrashape results

Thanks for your inquiry.Ultrashape does work, but there are always people for whom it may be less effective.It is possible that you did not have an optimal result, but I would take a look at your before photographs to see if there was a reduction.A reduction loss may not evident in the size of clothes you wear, so the best way to gauge your results is with photographic evidence.It is important to remember that non-invasive technologies reduce fat by about 25% in the fatty layer.So, this is often enough to produce results that are visible in photographs, but again will not necessarily produce a change in the fit of your clothing.I hope this helps.

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Most patients treated with Ultrashape and Velashape get a response to therapy but some patients do not respond as well and show minimal results. Fat below the surface of the skin is accessible with Ultrashape sound waves but if the fat is deep within the abdominal cavity then Ultrashape will not reach this fat. It is therefore important to have a careful pre-treatment assessment of the location of your fat to determine if this technology will work. In addition, if the patient has a large quantity of fat to begin with they might not be ideal candidates for these non- invasive therapies. I commonly refer patients who are not good candidates for this procedure to certified dieticians can first get the patient on a slow and steady weight loss program prior to undergoing any treatment. If they succeed in losing weight then I believe then Ultrashape will have a greater chance of producing a sustained reduction. In addition there are now new protocols that can enhance the results compared to previous treatment protocols.

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UltraShape works well on the right candidate

UltraShape generally works well when performed on the right candidate. Results vary between individuals, but there will usually be at least some results. They may not be as dramatic as you would get from a liposuction procedure, but there will be at least a subtle change. If possible, I recommend trying to compare before and after photos and your weight before and after the treatments. It may be that the results happened so gradually that you didn’t notice. Clothing size is not a reliable indicator of results.

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Can Ultrashape not work for some?

I have never seen UltraShape, especially when combined with VelaShape, not work at all.  The science behind UltraShape is legitimate.  The ultrasonic energy enters the fat and superheats the cells to their apoptotic temperature (the temperature at which they explode and die).  When the cells die, they and their fat "go away."  This is truly a noninvasive liposuction in the sense that the number fat cells are actually reduced and not just emptied.

It is important to drink plenty of fluid during the days of your treatments and eat clean.  If you are doubting your results, go back to your provider and make them show you your before and after pictures (which they absolutely should have taken) and make them show you your before and after measurements.  Best of luck!

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