Does a Turbinectomy / Turbinoplasty reduce the Turbinate overall or just a specific part of it?

Hello, I am curious if the procedures in my question reduce the turbinate as a whole or if they reduce the turbinate at a specific point?

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Partial resection of inferior turbinates

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The turbinates exist to humidify the airway and to provide resistance to give the sense of airflow. When the turbinate is so big that it is blocking the airway it can be partially reduced to allow for increased airflow. The entire turbinate is never removed because, although the airway is wide open, there is not enough resistance for the patient to sense that air is flowing through their nose. Typically the anterior inferior portion of the turbinate is removed or outfractured to improve airflow through the nose. Sometimes the underlying bone is partially removed with the lining of the turbinate. 

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