30yrs old, swollen turbinates symptoms are disappearing. Can I still have Septoplasty?

No allergies. Suffered from swollen turbinates for over a year. Medicinal therapy gave no relief. ENT recommends Septoplasty / Turbinate reduction. Surgery is Nov 10. For a week I have felt normal. Before this I would have mild to severe blockage during the day and complete total blockage when lying down. This has happened before where it stopped for a couple months and returned worse than before, most recent occurrence lasted from March - Oct 28. Worried I can't have surgery now.

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Septoplasty when symptoms are gone?

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You can definitely have the operation, but you have to wonder if you need it. If your nasal obstruction symptoms are completely gone it means your problem is, more than likely, purely inflammatory and surgery may not be of any benefit to you. Discuss this with your surgeon in order to get the information you need to make the correct decision for you.

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